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Good Omens fics

2005-07-15 - I burnt my brain this evening updating, and am discouraged to have still made barely a dent on Daegaer's Good Omens fics.

Heavenly Visitation
Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultry Pulsifer is having a crisis of faith.

Reading Instructions
Pre-Arrangement, Aziraphale gets to do the boring stuff while Gabriel gets all the glory assignments.

The Workman Is Worth His Hire
Shadwell discusses the pay for the Witchfinder Army with his sponsors.

Over The Top
The first of several that tells what Crowley was doing during the The Great War.

Rain and Rainbows
Crowley and Aziraphale at a Pride Day parade, with a flashback to what they were doing during the Flood.

Jaffa Cakes
Very short scene - having cocoa.

Crowley has a new job.

Shiny Unhappy Demons
Glitter and paint!

Mother of God
No, not that god. Alexander the Great was considered a god, too.

At The Going Down Of The Sun
"Some people wanted more about Crowley as a Great War officer. This poor offering is not the story I attempted to write, and which now languishes in numerous different versions on my computer and in various notebooks." One of Crowley's men remembers fallen comrades.

"Springtime In London" and "No Man's Land" (two unrelated drabbles posted on the same day)
A celebration of unfortunate similes, and more about Crowley as a Great War officer.

With This Ring
How would Aziraphale and Crowley get married? They wouldn't.

"Envy," "Lust," "Avarice" and "Sloth"
How do a demon and an angel exhibit the sins?

Fifth of the Seven.

"Anger" and "Pride."
Six and Seven.

Even In Laughter
"What Crowley did in his Sumer holidays..."

Remembering Monsters
"I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself when the phrase 'fluffy Japanese schoolboy Au' floated into my head again and I was consumed with rage. Then the cold medicine kicked in. I think my last sane thought was something along the lines of 'I'll show you f*cking fluffy schoolboys!'" (The Origin of the FJS, and actually not really all that fluffy at all.)

Scene deleted from Fluffy Japanese Schoolboys
The train journeys were as all train journeys are, strange dispacements from normal time when the slightest distraction is so very welcome.  I made the mistake of taking out a notebook and allowing random thoughts to enter it. (shakes fist at graycastle) For the sake of sanity, I urge you not to look behind the cut, as it is a deleted scene* from what I shall refer to only as the FJS Au.  Everything that is wrong with the FJSAU is also wrong with this, only in shorter form.  It’s like a ball of poisonous fluff concentrate.  It’s also especially for toscas_kiss.  She knows why.

*Where “deleted” of course means “thought of after the fact when a really disturbing idea popped into my mind”.

Wisdom Hath Builded Her House
Good Omens crossover with Lawrence of Arabia.

Good Example
Crowley and Aziraphale try out being Amish boys? So wrong, and yet, as always, Daegaer makes it work.:)

Bowling Along
Crowley goes bowling with Aziraphale and Islington (from "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaimen.).

Some Lurk It Hot
twitchycat was traumatised by the idea of Ligur kissing Hastur. Iím traumatised by the idea of Ligur kissing Hastur.

After The World Was Over
Done for the Contrelemontre 'Sliding Doors' good ending/bad ending challenge.

Drabble - Good Omens crossover with The Dark Is Rising.

Drabble - Good Omens crossover with The Dark Is Rising.

Creeping Change
Flowers and weeds.

Blessed Event
Sequel to "Some Lurk It Hot" - someone is expecting the pitter-patter of little... hooves.

Flights of Angels
There was a fad in fandom of slapping wings on characters in fics at random, but wings are canon for Good Omens. So what do you do?

Bright With His Splendour
Spans the time from the war in Heaven to the day after the end of the world, and shows some more of Crowley in The Great War.

Sin Coucheth At The Door
Crowley goes shopping.

Two Good Omens limericks
Limericks. About the Demon and the Angel.

Crowley's Bad Day
Crowley loses a bet, and is forced to eat a lot of food and go to a movie. At least he gets to choose the movie.

"Oranges are not the only fruit."

Like the Smoke of a Furnace
For the Contrelemontra íthis is not the worst moment of my lifeí challenge.

The Battle
For Contrelemontre's 'a fight' challenge, written in ten minutes. A drabble (100 words).

Questions and Suggestions
For Contrelemontre's 'parallel dialogue' challenge.

Five Things That Never Happened To Aziraphale
I) Things that certainly never happened in Arthurian England. II) Aziraphale endangers the thing Crowley loves. III) Aziraphale advises Bracy. IV) Aziraphale goes to Alcoholics Anonymous. V) Aziraphale in a bad scene.

Indian Summer
Crossover with "A Walk In The Karakorum" (after the events of that story). Crowley encounters Gedge. Sequels Part III of "Five Things That Never Happened to Aziraphale." PG

Honourable Arrangements
Crowley teases Aziraphale about his meeting with Gedge. Sequels "Indian Summer." PG

Crowley's Birthday
Very short.

Aziraphale remembers a vacation.

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