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Questions and Suggestions (Good Omens, C/A, G)
Title:  Questions and Suggestions
Fandom:  Good Omens
Rating:  G
Pairing:  Crowley/Aziraphale
Disclaimer:  Good Omens, Crowley and Aziraphale are all the property
of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.  No copyright infringement is
intended in any way.

Written for the contrelamontre parallel dialogue challenge in 15
minutes.  A drabble.

Questions and Suggestions

“Try it.  It can’t kill you,” he says, twining himself around the branch.

Later, watching her mourn the death of her son, watching her age and die he raises an eyebrow at the angel’s expression.

“What?  You want me to apologise?”

* * *

Millennia later he stalks away, furious.  He will not beg Heaven’s forgiveness, not even for this angel.

“Try it,” the pleading voice whines, “it can’t kill you.”

The angel trots beside him, clutching at his arm.


He walks faster.

“You want me to apologise?”

He throws a burning glance over his shoulder and keeps walking.