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Daegaer wrote, @ 2003 -05 -24
GO/TDIR Drabble
petronelle said:  I wonder if Bran needs any advice, as he grows up,
in dealing with being almost-but-not-really on the Good side, given
that there is a recognized expert in such things kicking around.


Bran sits in the ferns, staring at nothing.  He gradually focuses on the large black car parked on the road, and the black-clad figure strolling up the hillside.

“Afternoon,” the young man says, dropping down beside him.

Bran says nothing, even though he was greeted in locally accented Welsh.  He has never seen this man before.

“Those are really ugly sunglasses,” the man says.  “Why do you wear them?”

Defiantly, Bran takes them off, and blinks his yellow-gold eyes.  The man puts a hand to his own sunglasses and removes them, looking Bran full in the face.

And Bran smiles.