Daegaer wrote,
@ 2003-03-03 23:15:00

Title:  Crowley’s New Job
Author:  Daegaer
Disclaimer:  Not my characters.  Might be my job, though.

Crowley’s New Job

“I’ve a new job,” Crowley announced.  “I’ll be teaching scriptural interpretation at a seminary.  I know the texts, after all.  There are long holidays, so I won’t fall behind on the tempting.”

Aziraphale spluttered his tea, barely missing his newest books.  He stared at Crowley in astonishment.

“I can hardly do worse than some of the people they have there already,” Crowley said mildly.  “One word, Aziraphale:  Deconstruction.”

They looked sidelong at each other, and began to laugh, Crowley lying back on the table clutching helplessly at his stomach, Aziraphale resting his head on his poor new books, giggling uncontrollably.