Daegaer wrote,
@ 2003-03-03 23:15:00

Title:  Jaffa Cakes
Author:  Daegaer
Rating:  G
Disclaimer:  Not my characters.  Not even my biccies.

Jaffa Cakes

“Oh, come up.  It’s not that late.  I’ve got cocoa and fancy biscuits…”


Crowley laughed when he saw what was on offer.

“Jaffa Cakes aren’t fancy,” he said.  “Nor are they trendy, cool or even very modern.  You’re hopeless.”

He sneaked a few extra off the plate when Aziraphale’s back was turned.  Evil never sleeps, and Good is always vigilant.  Sometimes, though, evil is happy to sit back, with its feet up on good’s kitchen table, eyes closed and mug of cocoa balanced precariously, contemplatively chewing Jaffa Cakes.  For even though they’re really not cool, they’re really quite tasty.