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Fanfics of George Manville Fenn works
Shorter stories - some that use the same characters from his "Fix Bay'nets! or The Regiment in the Hills" (Bracy and Gedge), some that use characters from other of his stories (Banner and Gregg are background characters from "Shoulder Arms! OR A Tale of Two Soldiers' Sons.") It is not necessary to have read any George Manville Fenn in order to enjoy these stories, all you really need is an interest in the Victorian English setting and/or sensibilities.

A short note from the author re: Banner/Gregg:

These stories are set in the 1850s, in the time of the Crimean War between Britain and Russia (1854-1856). Captain Banner was injured in the Battle of Balaklava, 1854. Although no year is specified for these stories, it must be at least 1855, given that he has regained the use of his leg to this extent. The war is still continuing, but plays no part in the immediate setting of the stories.

No information is given on the background of either Banner or Gregg in _Shoulder Arms_, and all this backstory - including even Banner's Christian name - is my own invention.

Expressing Egrets
(PG. Warning: manly handholding.) Captain Banner meets Reverend Gregg. This is backstory for how they eventually become partners (and also run a school together) in Fenn's "Shoulder Arms!"

Shatter'd, Unsunder'd
(NC 17 Warning: m/m sex, not explicit.) John Banner realizes the depth of his affection for Percy Gregg.

A Queer Encounter
Crossover: George Manville Fenn's "The King's Esquires, or The Jewel of France" and "Good Omens."

Three "Fix Bay'nets!" drabbles.

Though the Frost was Cruel
Bracy and Gedge, later in life, comforting Roberts after his wife's death. (Warning: m/m/m sex - not explicit.)

Short short about Gedge, written for a challenge inspired by the word "ink."

The Country House
Bracy buys a house for Gedge and himself. (Warning: m/m sex.)

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