Daegaer wrote, @ 2003-04-13
(Fluffy Japanese Schoolboys Au deleted scene fic.)

Akinari chewed the end of his pen, deep in thought.  He liked world history but found it difficult to memorise all the dates.  Wars; kings and queens; politicians; inventions; art.  So much history, he thought.  Hundreds and hundreds of years.  There had to be some way of seeing the grand scheme of things, rather than approaching it as separate and distinct lists of numbers.  The doorbell rang, long and loud.  He carefully marked his place in the book and got up.

Chojiro was lounging by the front door.

“Hi,” he said, coming in without waiting to be asked.

“Hi,” Akinari said. “I’m really busy.”

“Ok,” Chojiro said. “And I’m really bored.  Guess who wins?”

Akinari smiled against his will.

“I have homework.  Lots of homework.”

“Your parents are out, yeah?  And you’re still working?  You need help.  Entertain me.”

Akinari gave in.  It always seemed like the easiest thing to do.  It wasn’t till he pushed open his bedroom door that he realised the terrible danger he was in.  He tried to surreptitiously push the box back under his bed, but it just attracted Chojiro’s attention faster.

“What’s that?” he asked, smiling at the look on Akinari’s face. “What are you trying to hide?”

“It’s nothing,” Akinari said quickly, “just some junk from when I was a kid.”

“Yeah?  You’re such a crap liar,” Chojiro said, laughing.

He pushed Akinari aside, knelt and pulled the box out fully.  Akinari winced as he opened it and looked in, an expression of blank amazement on his face.

“Well.  This is rather different than I was expecting.  It’s not at all like the stuff I hide from my mother, I have to say.”

Akinari could feel the blush starting at his toes.  Maybe if he tried really hard, he could faint.  Chojiro held up a fistful of pink-and-white.

“Hello Kitty?  You are such a freak.  And this receipt is from yesterday afternoon – is that why you ran off so quickly after school?”

“It’s a new design,” Akinari said miserably.

Chojiro rummaged in the box some more, muttering to himself.

“Hello Kitty exercise books; Hello Kitty erasers; Hello Kitty comics; Hello Kitty pencils and pens; Hello Kitty showercap – for fuck’s sake; Hello Kitty hairslides; Hello Kitty hair bobbles and a ton of Hello Kitty writing paper.”

He looked up maliciously.

“Girls collect this crap, Akinari, and I hate to tell you this but despite appearances you’re not actually a girl.”

“Boys collect it too,” Akinari said, still blushing.

“Not past the age of six, they don’t.  You are the only teenage guy in the whole world to collect this girly crap.”

He jumped up grinning, and tied Akinari’s hair back into a little ponytail with the hair bobbles.  He added a couple of the slides and admired his handiwork.  Akinari pushed up his glasses and glared at him as sternly as he could, given the circumstances.

“Like what you see, Choji-chan?”

“Don’t you ‘Choji-chan’ me, you freak.  Where’s your camera?”

Akinari wrestled it out of his hands more easily than he’d thought he’d be able to.  Chojiro was laughing so much he could barely stand.  When he managed to catch his breath he pulled Akinari to him, still sniggering.

“If you ever start buying Hello Kitty panties, Hanabusa, we’re breaking up.”

Akinari just smiled and kissed him, secure in the knowledge that that box was safely in the attic.