Biblical Stories

Brotherly Love

Jonadab advises Amnon.

Little Dogs

(from the Author's Note): "In all the gospel stories, the Syro-Phoenician woman is the only person to argue with Jesus and win."

Daughter of Israel, Weep

A revenge.

In The Beginning

Man doesn't realize how lonely he is.

The Daughters of Men

"It's about the passage in Genesis 6:1-4 where the 'sons of God' see that human women are pretty and sleep with them. It's the passage that leads eventually to an idea of angelic rebellion and fall, in non-Biblical things like the Book of Enoch."

Days of Uncleanness

Mark 5:24-34 "...And there was a woman who had had a flow of blood for twelve years..."

Great Wrath

"Unusually, a document exists that gives the non-Israelite version of events, the 'Mesha Stele' or 'Moabite Stone', a victory monument recording Moab's successful bid for independence from Israelite domination."

Jesus and Mary Magdalene - untitled drabble

"The tradition about her being a prostitute isn't from the Bible at all, it's much later. The Biblical traditions about her are that she was exorcised by Jesus (ie, had a mental illness), supported him along with other women (who are all members of the upper classes, so maybe she was too), and was the first witness to the Resurrection."

Yehuda and Yehoshua - untitled drabble

Judas' point of view.

And the Kingdom was Firmly Established

How the son of David and Bathsheba came to be king of Israel.

Morning in the Garden

Short short for Easter.

Tent-Dwelling Woman

Jael meets Sisera; from Judges 4:17-22 and 5:24-27

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